Hi Bianca (1972) here, I'm a nature & wildlife photographer from Assen, The Netherlands.

Ever since I was a child I've been interested in nature. I discovered photography much later, in 2005 when I breed a litter of puppies. The compact camera I had bought wasn't suitable for this, but a new passion was born. Soon after this a DSLR camera was purchased. My focus was always with dogs, but in 2015 I stopped with dog photography and started going into nature more.

When I moved to Assen in 2016, a new world opened for me. There is so much nature in my surroundings. Now you can find me here weekly, if not daily. I'm really like mammals. Since 2019 I'm following a few mammals for one year. I immerse myself in the animal and try to capture their behavior. Because I'm in nature all the time, I come across many birds as well. Especially predators interest me and I try to photograph them as well. Macrophotography relaxes me. With mammals you have to have a lot of patience and you might come home with nothing, but with macro photography I can take away some of that frustration when I can't photograph the mammals. Especially dragonfly's and butterfly's are interesting to me, especially with the morning light.

Since 2016 I travel in combination with photography. Often organized, sometimes on my own, but always with mammals on the program. The list of countries I want to visit is very long. Only in Europe there is so much to see. In 2020 I got the opportunity to guide travels and give workshops myself. To transfer the knowledge and love I have for nature is something I enjoy a lot. An overview of all the travels and workshop I guide, can be found on this website, but booked only on the website of Naturetalks.

Since late 2019 I'm a member of the Association of Nature photographers Drenthe. I'm also a volunteer as photographer for the Foundation 'Het Drents Landschap' and I'm committed to the badgers of Drenthe.


Sony A9II
Sony RX10 IV
Sony 200-600 F5.6-6.3
Sony 70-200 F4.0
Sony 90mm F2.8 macro
Sony HVL-F45RM
Helios 44-2
Meike extension Tube set
Sirui tripod
Berlebach minitripod 
Mindshift backlight 36l
Mindshift backlight 18l